Debbie Brubaker

After discovering her passion for everything cycling, Debbie and husband Dave dreamed of one day owning a tour company. Combining her love of event planning, entertaining, parties and cycling, it was a natural progression for her to take that leap. She has worked as staff for a cross-country cycling tour and local tours, and traveled through Italy and Spain by bike. Debbie is also active with the California Bicycle Coalition as their tour director.  She and her cycling friends are currently training for the California Triple Crown (three 200-mile bike rides in one year) and are looking forward to another great year of cycling! With Debbie in charge, a tour with Giro D’Oro Cycling is guaranteed to be a wonderful, friendly and memorable cycling experience.

David Correia

  David was born in Berkeley and raised in the Bay Area.  He started cycling the back roads of the Sacramento Valley while attending college and has been hooked on the region ever since.  He is a history and government teacher at a local high school and commutes to work year round.  He can often be heard taking all the credit for his wife’s natural talent on the bike.   David is an avid fan of European pro cycling and has no problem wearing pink during the month of May.


Steve Loebach

Steve is ‘El Capo”.   He is a certified bicycle mechanic from the United Bicycle Institute, a bike commuter, mountain bike enthusiast, and a licensed Cat 4 road racer.   A tireless rider, an excellent guide, meticulous mechanic, masseuse,  and pretty good in the kitchen:  This is how you get to be the captain!   Steve has been involved in the “bicycle business” since 1984 and is currently training for another “California Triple Crown”. The “Triple Crown” consists of completing three double centuries in one season. Besides riding his stable of bicycles, Steve enjoys Tai Chi and wrenching on his Ducati.



Kim Berrios

Kim has a degree in biochemistry, but has been working for a health club for the past 25 years. She is the Director of Swimming and has taught hundreds of youngsters how to swim. She is the head coach of a 13-time league championship swim team, but now prefers spending time on two wheels rather than in the pool. Her passion for riding started back in 1965 with a blue Schwinn Stingray and two older brothers who constantly dropped her off the back.  Now every day on the bike is an adventure, whether it is road or mountain, hills or flats, but when it comes to riding with others, it’s always “the more the merrier.” Let’s ride!

Eddie Cano

Eddie’s love for the bike started with the first skinned knee, and when he realized he no longer needed his parents to get around… even in LA! He has been an avid cyclist for over 30 years, and has raced both road and mountain bikes. His passion for riding culminated in employment in the bicycle industry where he welded frames for a custom manufacturer. He has also shared his fabrication welding skills, teaching at a local junior college. His passion for riding and teaching, as well as his gregarious nature, easily transcend to the bicycle touring industry.




Laura Barnes

Laura became a cyclist in southern California a decade ago.   When she relocated three years ago, she specifically chose Sacramento for its cycling opportunities and the overall  beauty of the northern California cycling routes.  Laura is an invaluable member of the staff,  always with a smile and a go-get-em attitude.  She just recently completed her first Double Century. (Go Laura!!!)   Laura and her partner, Jett, travel extensively by bike, and live a cycling centric-lifestyle in East Sacramento with 1 dog, 3 cats, 1 car, and 10 bicycles.