Amgen Tour of California Exclusive Ride

America’s Greatest Race is set to take place May 11-18 2014 and Giro D’Oro Cycling is looking forward to offering our cycling fans a world class exclusive.

The Amgen Tour of California is an opportunity to watch top professional cycling teams from around the world compete along some of California’s finest local roads, mountaintops and coastlines.

Our location in Folsom, California is ideally situated for a unique experience you will never forget. We will be riding on our favorite local roads of Sacramento, Folsom and San Jose, giving fans the benefit of our extensive knowledge of the region.

This five day Tour of California package will include the first three stages, and we will provide meals, lodging, guided rides along the course, VIP access passes, and of course, wine and cheese.

Visit our Amgen Tour of California page for our bike tour itinerary and more details.

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