Sacramento’s American River Parkway Now Has Dero Fixit Stations

Thanks to the generous fund-raising efforts by a local Boy Scout, Scott McCuen, from Troop 53, Sacramento’s American River Parkway now boasts three DERO Fixit Bicycle Service Stations.


The Fixit’s are freestanding repair stations where cyclists can perform basic maintenance. They feature a tire pump and a number of tools, as well as a stand made of galvanized steel designed to hold the bike off the ground while working on it. There is also a QR scan code to research repair information.

The stands are located at William B. Pond Recreation Area, the Sunrise Recreation Area, and just west of the Guy West Bridge near CSU Sacramento.

Scott not only raised the money to fund the entire project, he conceived the idea, secured the appropriate approvals, poured the concrete pads and installed the stands. He raised over $4000.00 to purchase the Fixits, with enough money left over to donate to the regional parks department for future repairs. “I have been grateful for the opportunity to give back to my community, and I have been astounded by the reception this project has received,” said Scott.

We can personally attest that these Fixit’s are a welcome addition to our bike trail. Each time we visit the water/restroom stop at the William B. Pond area, it’s been a great conservation starter and everyone has something positive to say about it. We are happy to share Scott’s story and their origin. Great work, Scott. The cyclists of Sacramento salute you!

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